August Food Drive

August 1 - 29  |  The Point Church

10227 Dayton Lebanon Pike, Centerville, OH, USA

During the month of August, we will be collecting items for SCAC. The needs in the community have increased recently; any donations you can contribute would be greatly appreciated by these families.
You can bring the items to The Point Church at any time and place them in the large bin by the entry doors.
Needed Items:
-Pancake mix
-Pop Tarts
-Muffin mixes
-Canned sloppy joe 
-Canned chili
-Canned meat (ham, Vienna sausage, corn beef hash, hot dog sauce & chicken)
-Canned & boxed potatoes
-Hamburger Helper
-Knorr rice sides
-Knorr pasta sides
-Boxed rice (white & brown)
-Egg noodles
-Taco shells
-Canned mandarin oranges
-Applesauce jars
-Fruit snacks
-Family Size packages of Cookies
-Family Size Snack foods – popcorn, Goldfish, Cheez-its, pretzels, crackers, chips, nuts, trail mix … etc.
-Cooking oil (vegetable & olive oil)
-Brownie mixes
-Pie filling
-Strawberry jelly
-Juice (family size bottles & boxes)
-Coffee & tea
-Mayo, barbecue sauce, ketchup & salad dressing
-Dog & cat food
-Body wash (men’s and women’s)
-Deodorant (men’s and women’s)
-Trash bags
-Toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner & multipurpose spray cleaners
-Laundry pods/detergent
-Dish soap
-Baby wipes
-Diapers (size 2)
-Pull-ups (all sizes, girls & boys)
 *SCAC cannot accept expired items, opened items or loose items (i.e. fruit snacks not in the box they came in).